Saturday, August 15, 2020
Fix Corpus Christi

Bad News for Residents on The Island

Once again, the city staff and council went ahead and put a light on Park Road 22 and Aquarius Drive after residents cried out against the project citing possible safety concerns and congestion coming off the bridge.

A developer out of San Antonio, Turner Busby, said he needed the stoplight to move forward with his project. Now that the light is in the developer and its development is nowhere to be found. As a matter of fact, channel 6 recently tried to reach out to Busby but he wouldn’t return their calls.

The light has cost over a million dollars to be put in leaving the taxpayers to pay roughly over 600,000 and the developer with the rest.

A petition of more than 1,200 have been signed by city residents to remove the traffic signal at Aquarius Street and South Padre Island. Chris Isaacs of Corpus Christi said, ” There is no need for such light, especially if the developer does not even follow through with his original plans.”

There is also concern of traffic accidents on the bridge having no emergency lanes. “If there is a tragic wreck on the downhill decent there will be no access by ambulance, fire truck or squad car if traffic is at a stand still.”

When the light was proposed to the Island Strategic Action Committee back in 2014 councilman Greg Smith voted against it but it was then Councilwomen Colleen McIntyre who wanted the light in the first place and pushed hard to have it approved. Smith has suggested a blinking yellow light until more discussion can happen, but it looks like the city staff has refused his request.

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