Saturday, August 15, 2020
Fix Corpus Christi

New Lawsuit Holds Up Barisi Village

After a federal judge threw out a lawsuit on the construction of a $300 million commercial and residential development known as Barisi Village, the law office of Gay Gilson has filed a new lawsuit in State District Court stopping the much-needed project in the area.

Developer Jeff Blackard, of Blackard Global was hoping to start construction on the 42-acre site in less than five months but now it could be held up even longer because of the pending lawsuit.

In September 2015, most of Pharaoh Valley residents approved changing the deed restrictions of the property to allow residential-retail development but that didn’t stop a few resident’s who opposed the project to sue citing it would cause more traffic problems to the area.

The former Pharaoh Valley Country Club and its golf course is now an eye sore with overgrown weeds infested with rodents and homeless people. One must wonder why you would even want that in your neighborhood? Plus, you don’t live next to a growing University if you’re against the traffic and congestion that comes with it.

The rapidly growing area has seen considerable development in recent years — most recently adding the second phase of apartments to Momentum Village located off Ennis Joslin.

The project would bring a multi-use Italian village style complex to the city, complete with housing, retail, and restaurant space which could appeal and help retain young professionals to stay in Corpus Christi.

If opponents of Barisi ultimately stop the construction of the site, the abandoned property will only get worse, or be replaced by a much less desirable project. Even more, it could cost the taxpayer money if the new developer decides it wants the city to pay. For example, the city recently paid over 500,00 to put in a light coming onto the island by the request of the developer who no longer has any intentions of building there.

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