Friday, September 25, 2020
Fix Corpus Christi

Concerns over Corpus Christi’s New Assistant City Manager

Assistant City Manager Sylvia Carrillo isn’t a stranger to controversy. Before coming to Corpus Christi in March she was the city manager at Aransas Pass where hundreds of concerned residents petitioned to have her removed over mishandling taxpayer money and annexation.

Mrs. Carrillo even made national news in 2014 when she set a new policy to euthanize all stray animals in city shelters after three days exclaiming that “Animal Control is not meant to be an adoption facility.”

That’s not all. In 2016, several hundred customers in Aransas Pass had unexpected increase in their water bills where some bills quadrupled in price for no apparent reason. At the time Carrillo blamed it on being short staffed but the issue lasted several months and many residents were blamed for the error.

With all the problems and controversy surrounding Carrillo, why would the city of Corpus Christi hire her?

This was a bad decision by the current city manager and will cost taxpayers money. This should not be overlooked and is a direct result of failed leadership.


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